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I am Serhii Diadko a visionary artist from Ukraine and I live here. I have been researching the psychedelics for about 25 years. I am a professional motion designer by profession. About 10 years ago, my friends and I created a promo group to organize psychedelic musical events, my role was as an art director and DJ, I started creating design to decorate spaces. These were large tapestries with sacred geometry that shining in the fluorescent light. I also became interested in visualization and created content for VJs.

In February 2021, I arrived in nft and crypto and this is the best thing that has happened to me in my entire career. I realized that I must determine the direction of my art and I created a brand of cryptogeometry.

In my psychedelic trips, I have often seen beautiful geometric shapes, fractals, and a variety of pattern and crystal structures. I wondered where and why I see it and how it works. And I came to sacred geometry, which gave me answers about how the universe is built, about the main laws of symmetry and crystal structures.

Therefore, cryptogeometry is my modern view of sacred geometry.

In the trips I receive messages or answers to philosophical questions, and I try to convey this through my vision in my art.

In each of my works, there are definitely elements of sacred geometry tied to the overall composition, and all this together is my message to humanity about spiritual values.

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